Tell us about your role and a bit about your career background.

I work as a regulatory reporting analyst in the regulatory reporting team within the finance department. I did my engineering degree in Electronics and Communication in India, and then I worked in an IT company for eight years. I've worked in similar roles before for reporting and data analysis, but this is my first time working in Finance.


What inspired you to pursue a career at Triodos?

I found the role quite interesting. So, when it was advertised, I thought I wanted growth in the data sector, and I felt it would be similar to the previous roles because it's both reporting and data driven.

I found the Triodos values and missions very interesting as all of us in our lives always want to do something good for the people around us or for the community, but in our busy lives this thought kind of takes a backseat. Working at Triodos makes us realise that even through our day-to-day work which we just do as part of our job, we are helping people or helping the community. So, I think that's something which directly or indirectly contributes to the cause which is what I like the most about working at Triodos.


What makes Triodos Bank different to other companies you have worked for?

In other companies you'll have one day in a year dedicated to some community work, but with Triodos, it's every day. Everything you do is for the community and a greater cause. So, I think that's very different from anywhere I've worked before.


How do you stay motivated and engaged in your work, especially during challenging times?

I'm the kind of person who loves working. But at the same time, I've got a wonderful team at Triodos. So even though I'm very new to finance, they've been very helpful and make sure that we check on each other's wellbeing, how we're doing and if there's any workload that we can share. We communicate well with each other, and I think that's one thing I'm really liking about working here.


What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

Everyone here in my team and in Finance are very understanding and supportive. I feel at Triodos, every co-worker’s opinion is very much valued. Even with the surveys, they take your feedback very seriously. That is what I like here, that in our organisation every person has a say or they can voice their opinion.


What do you imagine the future to look like for you at Triodos? Or what do you see in the future for you and Triodos?

I'm very new to finance so still in the learning phase. In the last year, I have done a few finance courses but in the long run, I want professional qualifications which would enable me to grow more in the finance sector and learn more about regulations. With Triodos, I see great opportunities for learning and growth as everyone here supports and encourages co-worker career learning and development.