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Depository Receipt holder meeting

Sharing our vision for better banking

Triodos Bank is keen to be in regular, open dialogue with our Depository Receipt (DR) holders. We feel it's important that we show how we work and share our vision for better banking with them, as we grow. So every year we invite them to a meeting, giving them the chance to meet with members of the UK and international management team as well as members of the Supervisory Board and SAAT, and ask us any questions.

This year we held the meeting here at Triodos Bank in Bristol. Peter Blom, our CEO, and Charles Middleton, the UK Managing Director, summarised our activities over the last 12 months. Our DR holders then discussed a number of key issues facing Triodos Bank, and enjoyed lunch with co-workers from across the bank. This type of interaction helps us to understand our investors better, broaden our thinking and informs discussions at our AGM. 

Annual General Meeting

Triodos Bank is keen to be in regular, open dialogue with our depository receipt holders.

Depository Receipt Holders' Survey 2016

What do our co-owners think about Triodos Bank?

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