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Colour of Money


The Colour of Money is Triodos Bank's customer printed and online magazine. Here you'll find news and views from us, as well as the stories behind some of our customers, and in-depth analysis of developments in the sustainable arena. Subscribe for free to the printed edition, download the latest issue or visit the online magazine.

The future of socially responsible investment

05-08-2014 | With the benefit of our long track record in impact investments, Whitni Thomas, investor relations manager for the corporate finance team at Triodos Bank, offers a few reflections on the UK social investment sector.  Read more

Corporate Finance

Not following the herd

04-08-2014 | Yeo Valley is the biggest organic business in the UK and one of the nation's favourite brands, but despite its success, this family run firm is determined to do business in a way that’s better for people and the planet.  Read more

Toxic by nature

16-07-2014 | Pesticides have long been suspected of harming more than just the pests they’re targeting. A new report has conclusively shown that neonicotinoids are a key factor in the collapse of bee populations.  Read more

Vivienne Westwood - Talking Fracking

14-07-2014 | Vivienne Westwood is one of fracking's biggest opponents; here she tells us why, for her, this controversial process is on the front line in the battle against climate change.  Read more

Future secured for community run shop

14-07-2014 | Chalford Community Stores is celebrating after buying its own premises thanks to a loan from ethical bank Triodos, two grants and funds raised from a community share purchase.  Read more

Open doors at Avonmouth attracts over 130 people (and the mayor)

25-06-2014 | On Saturday, June 7 we (quite literally) opened the doors of our new wind farm facility at Avonmouth – and more than 130 of you took us up on our invitation to come and have a look round.  Read more

Upcycled café

18-06-2014 | Simeon and Kelly Day are the new owners at Yarde Orchard, a popular café and accommodation site on the Tarka Trail. By demonstrating real sustainable living they hope to show that everyone can have a little bit of sustainability in their lives  Read more

Social hub lifts community

27-05-2014 | It's been two years since Zion was resurrected as a vibrant hub in the Bedminster community in Bristol. This is the story of a woman who single handedly pulled all the stops to save a building and serve a community.  Read more

Patrick Holden - Costing the Earth

01-04-2014 | Intensively farmed food may be cheap to buy, but we all pay a high price for its nasty consequences. How should the true costs of food production be calculated? Sustainable Food Trust founder Patrick Holden explains.  Read more

It's time for a new breed of banker

18-03-2014 | Six years on from the start of the credit crisis there continues to be much soul searching as to what our financial system should look like, what it should do, and how it should behave. Here's Triodos Bank's suggestion for changing the banking sector foor good.  Read more

Power to the people

18-03-2014 | Generating green energy and a long-term source of income for their community, renewables projects represent a way to contribute to our energy security and ensure the sustainable future of neighbourhoods across the UK.  Read more

Green ISAs: it's not too late to resurrect an inspired idea

18-03-2014 | Green ISAs could raise the £12bn annually needed to fill the UK's green deficit  Read more

Energy and Climate

How it should be

17-03-2014 | Frustrated by the inherent short-termism of the way food is produced and sold, two sisters have set about doing things differently. Together they’ve founded Brighton’s first ethical supermarket.  Read more

The place to be

24-02-2014 | For young people growing up in and around Callander in rural Scotland, one youth organisation is chasing away boredom and isolation, and helping them embrace the natural opportunities for excitement and employment on their doorstep.  Read more

Painting turns out to be a masterpiece

14-02-2014 | It's every antiques lover's dream - finding out that the painting you bought for £400 is an undiscovered masterpiece.  Read more

Ending food speculation

27-01-2014 | WDM campaigners have won a major victory which will prevents food speculation by banks and hedge funds pushing up food prices and exacerbating the global hunger crisis.  Read more

Pressure points

17-01-2014 | Applying pressure to the companies stock-listed our funds invest in is core to our approach to impact investing.  Read more

MD Charles Middleton's New Year Wishes

31-12-2013 | On the threshold of the New Year, I feel greatly honoured to be able to share with you some of what has been achieved in the past year and some thoughts on the year to come.  Read more

The GMO dilemma and Triodos Bank's position

30-12-2013 | More and more genetically modified crops find their way into the food production chain. This makes it very hard for companies to avoid them. What is happening and what does this mean for the Triodos Sustainable Investment Funds and the companies we invest in?  Read more

Payments - the hidden monopoly

02-12-2013 | Huw Davies explains why the UK's payment system makes it difficult for small providers to offer current accounts  Read more

Seaside cafe feeds into local village

12-11-2013 | Combining fabulous food with the highest sustainable standards, Cafe ODE is helping to put the village of Shaldon in Devon on the culinary map.  Read more

Cultural capital

28-10-2013 | Broad brush funding cutbacks to grant funding mean that arts organisations have to look at alternative means of financing their activities or risk an uncertain future. Those that can find ways to become financially self-sufficient are set to make our world a richer, brighter and more inspiring place to live for years to come.  Read more

Arts and Culture

Cottage industry

30-09-2013 | River Cottage's Bristol Canteen serves up sustainabilty on the plate  Read more

An annual meeting like no other bank's

30-09-2013 | Banking doesn't need to be evil, and there are genuine bankers who care about the societies they serve.  Read more

Tough love

15-08-2013 | Many of us dream of 'the good life' in the countryside. But while the goal of self-sufficiency may be appealing, the reality of life on a smallholding can be far less romantic.  Read more

Home from Home

18-07-2013 | Triodos Bank has helped the Scottish Carbeth Hutters achieve the first ever UK community land buy-out.  Read more

Polly Higgins interview

15-07-2013 | International barrister Polly Higgins on how the law of ecocide could end destructive environmental practices, and that the power to make it happen is in your hands.  Read more

Social impact bonds

21-05-2013 | Blending social investment, public funding and social enterprise, social impact bonds are a groundbreaking way of raising private funds to finance essential public services  Read more

St Mungo's support homeless people

Best laid plans

29-04-2013 | Anne Thorne Architects has developed a blueprint for buildings which truly enhance the quality of people's lives.  Read more

Socially conscious investment

25-04-2013 | As Triodos launches its SRI funds in the UK, we examine what sets apart our funds from the competition.  Read more

Socially Responsible Investment

Public House

20-03-2013 | When the Green Man pub in Toppesfield, Essex, came under threat, villagers pulled together to save its future with a community buy-out.  Read more

Bank transfer

13-03-2013 | Move Your Money chief executive, Laura Willoughby MBE, explains how you can join the movement.  Read more

For peat's sake

27-02-2013 | The RSPB are working to restore and protect the UK's precious peatland  Read more

The Moo Man

26-02-2013 | A Sussex dairy farmer and his cattle are set to become the unlikely stars of the big screen.  Read more

Christmas gift

05-12-2012 | Triodos Bank's Christmas donation to One25 has supported some of the most vulnerable women in Bristol  Read more

Felting at One25

Voyage of discovery

04-12-2012 | Tall Ships Youth Trust's voyages leave a legacy of personal development to last a lifetime  Read more

One of Tall Ships Youth Trust's ships

Like the wind

04-12-2012 | We interview Ecotricity founder Dale Vince about Nemesis - his record breaking electric car  Read more

Dale Vince

Strong, straightforward & sustainable

04-12-2012 | Report shows that sustainable banks are resilient, support the real economy and provide stable returns  Read more

A customer of GABV member Banca Etica

Cornerstone for better banking

27-11-2012 | Bristol art-community steps up for a better banking system  Read more

Choosing the cornerstone for our community arts project

Life by chocolate

27-11-2012 | The Chocolate Tree creates delicious handcrafted organic chocolates from bean to bar  Read more

organic chocolate

Broadening Horizons

23-10-2012 | Triodos New Horizons. A social impact bond helping youth back on track.  Read more

Monty Don interview - Growing Together

25-09-2012 | Few individuals have done more to promote the joy of gardening organically to more people than Gardeners’ World presenter and Soil Association president Monty Don.  Read more

Riding high

25-09-2012 | When Avon Riding Centre or the Disabled's land was under threat, much more was at risk.  Read more

Make the cake better... not bigger”

13-09-2012 | James Vaccaro, Triodos Bank's Head of Market & Corporate Development, unpacks the language of growth  Read more

James Vaccaro

Building Communities

20-06-2012 | Cohousing projects have an approach to development where people are just as important building blocks as the bricks and mortar.  Read more

Harvest homes

31-05-2012 | By combining age old materials with cutting edge building techniques, ModCell have produced the perfect building blocks for the construction of modern sustainable buildings.  Read more

Camila Batmanghelidjh - Childhood lost

30-05-2012 | Children across the UK are being failed by the adults responsible for them and a system that can’t cope. Camila Batmanghelidjh explains how, ultimately, we all share a burden of responsibility for their care.  Read more

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Sustainable Tourism - Clean Breaks

27-04-2012 | Whether it’s a weekend away or the trip of a lifetime, travel and tourism can enrich our lives and has the potential to do the same for the people living in the destinations we visit.  Read more

Sustainable Tourism - Clean Breaks

World Development Movement - Food Securities

27-04-2012 | Banks are reaping huge profits from betting on food prices in unregulated financial markets.  Read more

Deborah Doane - WDM - Food Securities

Bristol Together - Building Better Lives

21-03-2012 | A social enterprise with a pioneering approach is offering ex-offenders the opportunity to gain the skills and experience they need to rebuild their lives.  Read more

Bristol Together

The Colour of Money - Reader survey

15-03-2012 | The results of our international survey of Colour of Money readers  Read more

Colourof Money - Survey Statistics

Net loss

21-01-2012 | We speak to Sam Fanshawe, Chief Executive of environmental campaigners the Marine Conservation Society, on the future of European fisheries  Read more

Sam Fanshawe - MCS Chief Executive

Banks should learn from nature

14-12-2011 | Peter Blom, CEO and chairman of Triodos Bank, says that banks need to have real values and by mimicking natural systems they can operate more effectively  Read more

Peter Blom CEO Triodos Bank

Box Clever

20-10-2011 | We talk to Riverford founder Guy Watson  Read more

Guy Watson

Huw Davies - The power of money

10-10-2011 | Ethical consumers can change finance, but first they have to change banks  Read more

Huw Davies - The power of money

Greed down; happiness up

06-10-2011 | Triodos takes over Times Square. Greed down; happiness up  Read more

Triodos takes over the NASDAQ board

Common Grounds - Community Ownership

17-09-2011 | Common Grounds. Community ownership? It’s not a new concept.  Read more

Common Grounds

Different class

25-06-2011 | Ruskin Mill Educational Trust  Read more

A student from Ruskin Mill college with a mask

Changing lives

23-06-2011 | Impact Arts uses the arts as a tool for change - improving the environment, helping someone get back into work or simply improving quality of life.  Read more

Impact arts

Friends united

14-06-2011 | We talk to Friends of the Earth executive director Andy Atkins as the environmental campaigners celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Read more

Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth Director

Do you know where your money goes?

30-03-2011 | Do you know what your bank does with the savings you entrust to it? Have you ever even wondered?  Read more

Huw Davies

Record of achievement

07-03-2011 | The Premises Recording Studio  Read more

Premises Studios

Glorious mud

07-03-2011 | Soil Association director Helen Browning on their efforts to ensure everyone has access to the best possible food  Read more

Helen Browning  - Glorious mud

Farming for the future

07-03-2011 | Peelham Farm combines an appetite for exceptional food, and actively engaged community of customer and a total commitment to sustainable farming  Read more

Peelham Farm


07-03-2011 | Credit where credit's due  Read more

Mibanco clients

Electric dreams

28-02-2011 | Can there be such a thing as an eco-car? Roger Saul thinks the answer’s a resounding yes  Read more

Roger Saul

Trying to help

27-02-2011 | Burnage Rugby Football Club  Read more

Burnage RFC

A hand up, not a hand out

26-02-2011 | Big Issue Foundation Scotland  Read more

Big Issue Foundation Scotland

Growing concern

23-12-2010 | Genetically Modified (GM) foods are back on the agenda and could be arriving on a plate near you soon.  Read more

Greenpeace anti-GM protesters

Care farming

12-09-2010 | Nature and nurture  Read more

Care farming at Church Farm Ardley

Glastonbury - solar so good

11-09-2010 | 175,000 people + 1,200 solar panels - Triodos helps fund the UK's largest solar roof at Worthy Farm, home of the Glastonbury festival.  Read more

Glastonbury festival

Creative space

11-09-2010 | Community creativity in Hackney  Read more

Space studios

Waste altered

10-09-2010 | We interview actor Jeremy Irons about his latest project - a documentary highlighting solutions to the environmental problems facing us all.  Read more

Jeremy Irons

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