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Waste altered

Jeremy Irons talks about his documentary highlighting solutions to today's environmental problems

10-09-2010 | Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons is no stranger to taking centre stage. But his next role, a documentary highlighting solutions to the pressing environmental problems facing us all, could well be his most important yet.

Real problem, reel solution

"We're making this movie, because there are so many people who feel  strongly the urgent need for the problem of 'waste' and 'sustainability' to be addressed ", Jeremy says.

"There is an equally urgent need for the most imaginative and productive solutions to this troublesome subject to be understood and shared by as many communities as possible throughout the world. This is where movies can play such an important role, educating society, bringing 'difficult' subjects to the broadest possible audience. If you look at Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth': like it or loathe it, everyone's heard of it. Potentially movies have the power to reach everyone, touch us on an emotional level and to galvanise us."

"The route to the audience for documentary films has completely changed. Thanks to the digital revolution and the internet, such films can now be instantly viewed by a worldwide audience . Cinema and television are still important, but many films start by garnering attention and a following as part of online and real life community action. This can only be a positive innovation." 

Be the change

"There is a clear feeling from a growing number of people that the time has come for us all to start to try and change our ways, and to endeavour to live a more careful life. Not only for reasons of morality, but also out of our instinct for  self-preservation. We need our planet more than she needs us, yet our fates are inextricably entwined."
"There are many ways in which we can make mankind a sustainable presence on our planet and most of them are both easily done and inexpensive. We can grow some of our own food, recycle instead of constantly throwing things away. And we can all be the agents of such change; we don't need to wait to be told by politicians what to do.  Indeed, there are already many communities beginning to live in this way and their progress is very inspiring." 

True quality of life

"For the film we've been talking to experts and practitioners from around the world who are searching for solutions to, what could be described as, our parasitical way of life. We have discovered some amazing ways in which such change can be accomplished. We address people's desire to help themselves and future generations distinguish 'quality of life' from 'quantity of life'. We hope the film will demonstrate that by changing the way we live our lives, we can contribute to our own survival and well-being and ultimately that of the planet."
Irons' film is being produced by Blenheim Films. For more information visit www.trashedfilm.com

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