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An investment in the future of banking

Triodos Bank launches special offer for investors

18-06-2013 |

  • Invest in Triodos Bank at current price* of €75 per depository receipt 
  • Average return of 4.1%** over the last five years 
  • Join 26,500 depository receipt holders throughout Europe 
  • Offer period runs from 17 June to 24 July
  • Profits at Triodos Bank grew 31% in 2012

Triodos Bank today launches an opportunity to invest directly in the bank by buying depository receipts transaction fee free between 17 June and 24 July. The capital raised will support the bank's further growth and allow it to lend more to sustainable enterprises pioneering a greener, fairer economy.

Charles Middleton, Triodos Bank's UK managing director, said: 'We are part of an economy we want to see transformed and we help do this by promoting a more conscious use of money so people are aware of the vital impact of their savings, investments and the choices they make about how they manage their finances.

'With its track record of delivering year-on-year growth, healthy and sustainable profits, we believe an investment in Triodos Bank offers a compelling proposition for anyone looking to help change the banking status quo.'

Triodos Bank depository receipts have delivered a fair, stable return over the long-term**.  Investors in the bank over the last five years have seen an average return of 4.1%** and the bank has maintained a dividend of €1.95** per depository receipt in each of the last five years.

The bank has more than 26,500 investors across Europe. More than 5,000 invested in 2012 alone, representing a 24% increase in depository receipt holder numbers during the year.

As appetite for alternatives to the established financial system increases, the bank's figures prove the robustness of its sustainable financial model. Triodos Bank's tier one capital ratio is 15.9%, and its overall bad debt provision in 2012 was just 0.67% of the loan book.

Triodos Bank expects to continue growing over the next three years. Over two decades the bank has built assets under management of €8.45 billion, achieved balance sheet growth of around 20% per year, and delivered a consistent profit. In 2012 it grew its customer base by 23% to 437,000 across Europe, bolstered its balance sheet, also by 23% to EUR 5.3 billion and upped its net profit to EUR 22.6 million, an increase of 31% on the previous year. Triodos Bank expects to continue to grow in 2013 by 15% to 20%.

Middleton continued: "Triodos Bank has demonstrated that simple, straightforward and sustainable banking pays dividends. And we've done so without compromising our integrity, risking the money our customers entrust to us, or playing the financial system in the process.

"Being strongly capitalised and having a stable funding base of savers' deposits that are lent out prudently to socially and environmentally productive businesses are integral parts of our approach. We've demonstrated that another way isn't just possible, but can flourish - helping to build a more diverse, healthier and more sustainable economy in the process."

Supporting sustainable lending and social finance development

Triodos Bank lends EUR 3.3 billion to more than 24,000 sustainable enterprises. Its UK loan customers include Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's River Cottage, green energy firm Ecotricity and think tank the New Economics Foundation.

Triodos Bank has also proved to be a pioneering force in social finance. In December 2012 its corporate finance team secured a £2.4 million payment by results contract from the Greater London Authority for homeless charity St Mungo's through an innovative social impact bond. Triodos Bank is also currently working with Golden Lane Housing, Mencap's housing arm, to raise capital through a charity bond, which has already raised more than £8 million to provide life-long homes for people with a learning disability.

Christiana, a chartered accountant who invested in Triodos Bank depository receipts in September 2012, said: "For me, a depository receipt investment in Triodos Bank is an entry-level investment and a great way to get more involved in what the bank does. I wanted to start using my money in a more conscious way and use it to match my political and social values. Being a depository receipt holder is different to being a shareholder in any other bank or company. I really feel I am helping to shape a new culture for banking and investment. It's about consumer choice - people are finally beginning to ask questions about what's happening to their money."

For more information on buying Triodos Bank depository receipts investors should call 0800 328 2181 or speak to their financial adviser. Investment Decisions must only be made on the basis of the prospectus. The full prospectus can be found online at www.triodos.co.uk.


For more information, or a case study, please contact:
Will Ferguson, William.ferguson@triodos.co.uk 0117 980 9770 / 07899 965640
Lisa Stanley, lisa.stanley@triodos.co.uk 0117 980 9721 / 07983 002013

Notes to editors

*The current price, which changes weekly, is set at 75.00 Euro per Depository Receipt. Depository Receipts are denominated in Euro, and dividends are paid in Euro. The return on investments you make in Sterling is therefore also subject to movements in the exchange rate between Euro and GB pounds.

Investment in the underlying investment instrument is intended to be for the long term and income from your investment may fluctuate. Investing in Depository Receipts is not the same as investing money in a bank account as your capital is at risk and you may not get back the full amount that you invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. It may be difficult to sell or realise your investment, or to obtain reliable information about its value or other risks to which it is exposed and you may not get back the full amount invested.

**Average return in EUR over the last five years to 31/05/2013. All returns are calculated based on net asset value, including reinvestment of dividends. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

About Triodos Bank Depository receipts
The depository receipts are not listed on any stock exchange and trading in them is only possible on a limited basis. Triodos Bank N.V. maintains a euro-denominated matched-bargain market, which ordinarily means depository receipts can be bought and sold within a month. Very large stakes may take longer. No shareholder may hold more than just under 10% of the total number of Depository Receipts in issue to prevent any one shareholder exerting undue influence over Triodos Bank's mission and objectives.

Triodos Bank believes it is crucial that its mission and independence are protected. All of Triodos Bank's ordinary shares are held in a special trust called the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares, or SAAT to use its Dutch abbreviation. This body ensures that major financial and strategic decisions are not made at the expense of Triodos Bank's social and environmental goals.

Shares in Triodos Bank are held by investors through Depository Receipts. SAAT issues these Depository Receipts for Triodos Bank Shares to individuals and institutions. As well as issuing Depository Receipts, SAAT exercises all of the voting rights for Triodos Bank Shares.

About Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank only finances enterprises which create social, environmental or cultural added value. Key sectors include organic food and farming, renewable energy, social housing, and fair trade. Transparency is a core value and Triodos publishes details of every business it lends to. A range of personal savings accounts is offered, and full banking services are available for businesses and charities. Triodos Bank is an independent bank founded in the Netherlands in 1980. Its principles and independence are protected through a special shareholding trust. The UK office opened in 1995 and is based in Bristol.



Who we are

Triodos is a global pioneer of sustainable banking. Our mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

How can we help?

We're open between 8:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday. At any other time you can request a call back using our automated system. We will do our best to call you back at the time requested but sometimes this may not be possible.

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