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Organic Food and Agriculture

Organic Food and Agriculture

Organic agriculture recognises the relationship between our environment, our health and the food we eat. Organic farming avoids the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and maintains the highest standards of animal welfare.

Our expertise facts and figures
X From farm to fork

Triodos Bank finances the entire organic food chain, from producers and processors to retailers and restaurants

X 796 

"The number of organic food and agriculture projects we currently finance"

X 199 million EUR 

"The amount we lend to organic food and agriculture across Europe"

X 4.7%

The proportion of all lending by Triodos Bank that now goes to organic businesses

X Conversion loan

"Triodos Bank aims to support mainstream farmers in their switch towards organic farming through its conversion loan. It supports farmers financially while in conversion to organics, when yields are lower but they don't yet benefit from the organic premium"

X Deepening of responsibilities

"We strongly feel that agriculture has more to offer than just food production. We support organic entrepreneurs to expand their activities and to take up wider responsibilities for the community such as education, healthcare or ecological development" 

X Source of facts & figures

Triodos Group Annual Report 2014

Our expert:
Simon Crichton

Triodos Bank coworker

Simon is our organic expert, and has financed hundreds of organic food and farming businesses since joining Triodos in 2009. He also manages our relationship with key
partners such as the Soil Association and the Organic Trade Board.

More about Simon Crichton.

Networks and Partners

Soil Association

Soil Association

In the UK, Triodos Bank works in partnership with organic champions the Soil Association. As well as financing hundreds of food and farming businesses, and the charity itself, our Organic Saver account has raised millions of pounds for investment in the UK's organic industry. 
Soil Association

Task Force Marktontwikkeling Biologische Landbouw

Biologisch convenant

This Task Force is a partnership of the Dutch government, non-governmental organisations and organic businesses, aiming to increase organic food consumption by 10% each year. Triodos Bank is a founder member.

Louis Bolk Instituut

Louis Bolk klein

We have close links with the Louis Bolk Institute, since 1976 a pioneering source of knowledge and new insight, encouraging scientific research into organic and sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health care.

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Organic Saver

Save ethically and help the Soil Association campaign for planet-friendly food and farming.

How Triodos Acts

Non-organic farming and its products may be sustainable in one respect - for example, in relation to animal welfare - but organic agriculture is a systematic approach that’s sustainable in all respects. That's why we only support organic businesses.