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Active engagement

Maximising our influence on the companies we invest in

With the money entrusted to Triodos Socially Responsible Investment funds comes the responsibility - and the power - to influence the way the companies in which we may invest do business. So, as a key element of our SRI strategy, we pursue a policy of active engagement and dialogue, with the aim of raising awareness of sustainability, stimulating action and creating lasting change.

Engagement during analysis

We start engaging with companies during our investment selection process. We ask them for information needed to complete our analysis - and treat any refusal to provide it as a lack of transparency, which may result in exclusion from our list of eligible companies.  

Providing feedback

We share the results of our assessments with the companies in question. This includes providing a full overview of their performance and improvement areas on key sustainability issues. In addition, companies are informed whether or not they are eligible for investment by Triodos Bank. Many seek further dialogue based on our assessments.

Monitoring our sustainable investment universe

We actively monitor companies that have been selected for our sustainable investment universe. When there is potential breach of our minimum standards, we investigate in depth and often enter into dialogue with the company. This can and does sometimes result in companies being de-selected from our investment universe.

Wider engagement

To enable us to maintain our strict sustainability investment standards, we aim to stay on top of changes in best practice and regulation, by engaging with companies, non-governmental organisations and governments.

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Voting for change

We take our responsibility as a shareholder seriously, strongly believing that by exercising our voting rights, we can exert a positive influence on a company's long term strategy. So we vote by proxy at shareholder meetings of all companies that we invest in. We also attend shareholder meetings to question the company's Board on its sustainability performance. We use our strict proxy voting guidelines.

We inform companies how we voted, and also publish this information. Please click here to find out how we voted at shareholder meetings.

Shareholder collaboration

To further increase our ability to influence company behaviour, we collaborate with other shareholders. For example, in 2009 we signed the Principles for Responsible Investment from the United Nations, a global initiative that enables us to work together with like-minded investors around the world.

Find out more

For more detailed information on our policy of active engagement and dialogue, please download our Investment strategy. For more information about engagement results please download our latest engagement report .


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