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Why we’re different

Find out about our uniquely sustainable approach

These days, we hear quite a lot about sustainable or socially responsible financial services. So what makes Triodos Bank different? How do we justify the claim that we have a uniquely sustainable approach?

Our answer to those questions is based on a combination of three main factors:

1. A sustainable business model

We have a simple business model. We only lend money entrusted to us by savers and investors, to entrepreneurs we know well. Because we work in the real economy we don’t invest in complex financial instruments which promise high profits but also bring greater risk. It may sound old-fashioned, but it's an approach that has enabled Triodos Bank not just to remain solid and stable in a time of global financial crisis, but to continue growing rapidly.

2. Positively 100% sustainable

We only lend our customers' money to people and organisations working to make the world a better place, actively seeking out and promoting sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses driven by values and ideas - rather than just refusing to back businesses that do harm.

3. Total transparency

We believe that sustainable banking depends on trust, so we publish details of every single organisation we lend to; which means our savers and investors can see exactly how we’re using their money. Visit Know Where Your Money Goes to find out more.

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