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Church Minshull Community Hydro Scheme commissioned

Church Minshull Community Hydro and Triodos Bank are launching an 18 month bond offer today to raise £635,000 to fund the construction and commissioning of an 80kW hydro power scheme on the River Weaver at Church Minshull, Cheshire.

02-10-2017 |

The Church Minshull Community Hydro Scheme has been constructed and commissioned ahead of schedule. The project was commissioned in advance of the 29 September deadline which means that it qualifies to receive Feed-in-Tariff payments at the higher rate.

Triodos Bank helped Church Minshull Community Hydro, a community interest company, raise £635,000 to build the scheme through a bond offer in June 2017. The bond offer closed fully subscribed in just over 48 hours, exemplifying the demand for small-scale renewable energy investment products.

The scheme, which has been built by Hydrosense Renewables, is expected to generate approximately 305MWh of clean electricity each year, enough to power the equivalent of around 77 homes. The project has been specifically designed to benefit the local environment, including a fish and eel pass alongside the power-generating turbines.

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