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What we do

Helping your organisation to grow

Our comprehensive range of services means we are well placed to advise clients on any aspect of their capital raising needs.

Investment readiness

Many businesses and charities need advice and assistance before they take on external investment. We can help you prepare by providing advice on business plans and financial strategy as well as the best way to present social and environmental impact.

Raise capital

We can help you raise capital directly from investors through a loan, bond or shares. We've raised over £133m in this way, including private placements with institutional investors and public offers to individual investors. Through our crowdfunding platform, we can help you reach thousands of investors. Capital raises are on a best efforts basis. We cannot guarantee we will raise the full amount.

Social Impact Bonds

Social Impact Bonds provide the finance required to deliver payment-by-results contracts. We are experts at helping organisations win these contracts and secure the finance needed in the most straightforward way possible.

Advice for local authority commissioners

We advise potential commissioners such as local authorities on the most efficient way to tender and manage services.

Other advisory

We advise social businesses on potential sales or acquisitions and we undertake due diligence reviews on potential investments for charitable trusts and foundations.

Corporate Finance Team

Dan Hird, Finance Director

Our dedicated, specialist team is here to help.

Any questions?

You can read our FAQs here or get in touch with us to find out if we can help you raise capital

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