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Charities & social enterprises

Who we work with

Many charities and social enterprises are turning to social investment to help fund growth and scale their impact.

Whether it’s supporting people with a learning disability, supporting ex-offenders into employment or working with those who promote sporting participation amongst hard to reach groups, we can advise your organisation on achieving sustainable growth.

Since 2013 we have raised over £25 million of capital for charities and social enterprises, mainly through the issue of repayable bonds. To see our full track record, click here

Many third sector organisations are also considering tendering for payment by results contracts. We are experienced in working with charities and social enterprises to structure social impact bonds which can help address some of our society’s most intractable social challenges. In doing so we have raised over £5 million of risk capital to fund £20 million of outcomes based contracts, in such areas as youth homelessness and supporting disadvantaged young people into education, training and employment.

To find out more about the services we offer charities and social enterprises, including in relation to developing social impact bonds click here


Golden Lane Housing

Bond issue

Golden Lane Housing is the specialist housing arm of the Royal Mencap Society, one of the UK’s largest charities. Our corporate finance team worked with Golden Lane Housing to raise £10 million through a charity bond targeting both retail and institutional investors.

Golden Lane Housing, in partnership with Triodos Bank, was the first UK charity to issue a bond in 2003, raising £1.8m to help develop their property portfolio. In 2013 we worked with the charity again to issue a five-year bond, this raised £10m which enabled the charity to acquire around 30 new properties and provide homes for up to 100 people with a learning disability. It is one of the largest charity bonds to be issued in the UK, and also one of the most successful, closing fully subscribed in June 2013.

"This bond has been a huge success for us and we have used this capital to provide desperately needed homes for people with a learning disability. We purchase properties all across the country to enable people currently living in inappropriate institutional settings, or with parents who can no longer cope, to live with support in the community. These homes will be a lasting legacy for future generations of people with a learning disability."

Alastair Graham, Director of Golden Lane Housing

Sustainable businesses

We work with ‘for profit’ businesses that have clear social or environmental objectives.

Environmental projects

From community initiatives to small and medium scale commercial developments.

Corporate Finance Team

Dan Hird, Finance Director

Our dedicated, specialist team is here to help.

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