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Charities & social enterprises

Unlock social investment to fund growth

Social investment can provide a way for charities and social enterprises to help fund growth when other sources of finance may not be available. This is often achieved through the issue of a charity bond.

We guide charities through the process of taking on social investment, helping them make necessary preparations, advising on how to structure the bond and then sourcing suitable investors to raise the funds.

By raising money in this way, charities can often free up grants and donations to support services that can't be funded commercially.

£30 million raised since 2011

Whether it's supporting people with a learning disability, supporting ex-offenders into employment or working with those who promote sporting participation amongst hard to reach groups, we can advise your organisation on achieving sustainable growth.

Since 2011 we have raised over £30 million of capital for charities and social enterprises, mainly through the issue of repayable bonds. To see all the projects we've completed, click here

Social Impact Bonds

We are experienced in working with charities and social enterprises to structure social impact bonds which can help address some of our society's most intractable social challenges.

In doing so, we have raised over £5 million to fund £20 million of outcomes based contracts in such areas as youth homelessness and supporting disadvantaged young people into education, training and employment.

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The first step to raising finance through social investment is to contact our team. We can talk you through your options and provide insight into the process involved.

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Southville Community Development Association

Bond issue

The Southville Community Development Association (SCDA) is a charity established in 1990 to serve the community of Greater Bedminster, an inner city area of Bristol. The charity supports around 2,000 individuals across a variety of services which have been developed to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of Greater Bedminster. The core activity of the charity is the provision of nursery for children.

Our corporate finance team worked with SCDA to raise £560,000 through a charity bond. The bond was part of an overall funding package of £1.19 million required to fund the acquisition and development of a site to create a second nursery for 54 children.

The bond was launched in January 2017 and closed fully subscribed within a week. The bond used social investment tax relief (SITR) and was the first SITR offer to receive match funding from Big Society Capital's SITR match funding facility.

"Our values as an organisation have always focused on what's best for our local community. The exciting thing about this bond is that Triodos found a way to allow our community members to invest in something that will directly benefit them in return, in respect to both our shared community and our financial wellbeing."

Simon Hankins, CEO of SCDA

Sustainable businesses

We work with ‘for profit’ businesses that have clear social or environmental objectives.

Environmental projects

From community initiatives to small and medium scale commercial developments.

Corporate Finance Team

Dan Hird, Finance Director

Our dedicated, specialist team is here to help.

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