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Apply for a Triodos Bank business and charity account

You must read this information carefully and completely before starting your application. All of the information you provide must be correct. Providing incorrect information may result in your application being rejected. Please read the following:

Information needed for your application

Below is a list of information you will need to supply when applying online. Please ensure you have this information to hand before starting your application.

Details about your organisation's:  

  • activities
  • entity 
  • main sources of income 
  • turnover and financial projections 
  • registered company and/or charity number (if applicable)
  • official address and correspondence address 
  • trust deed (if applicable - if you are a trust ensure your application complies with your trust deed)

Information about the people connected to your organisation: 

  • Contact person and all account operators (these will have the authority to authorise withdrawals, make changes to your account details and obtain information about your account):
    Full name, personal address, previous address (if moved in the last twelve months), contact email and phone numbers, date of birth, place and country of birth, and nationality. 
  • Charity contact person (if applicable):
    Full name as registered with the Charity Commission or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

Information about other people connected to your organisation:

  • Beneficial owners (if applicable):
    Full name, personal address, previous address (if moved in the last twelve months), date of birth, place and country of birth, and nationality 

Additional information required to apply for a Fixed Term Deposit :

  • deposit amount 
  • details of where these funds have come from

Triodos Bank's criteria for business banking customers

We carefully assess organisations applying for our accounts. We may not offer an account if we feel an organisation's practices conflict with our ethos, or the operation of the account may not be financially viable for either party. For current account applications your business must have a turnover of more than £5,000. In addition, we reserve the right to not provide accounts to financial advisors and political parties.

Our minimum standards lists the non-sustainable products, services and working practices that would exclude an organisation from banking with us. If any of your activities fall into these practices, or you are unsure whether your organisation fits with our criteria, please contact us before proceeding with your application.

Additional account information

If you are applying for a current account please ensure you have carefully read the tariff of charges before applying, and that these are acceptable to your business in view of your expected account usage. Please also note there is no debit or credit card available and there is no standard way to access cash from these accounts. Only apply for a current account if the facilities we offer are suitable for your business needs. Current account customers will be sent a cheque book and paying in book.

There is a £5,000 minimum turnover requirement on the current account. We may decline an application if we feel it would not be financially viable for either party. Additional facilities are available through separate application and are not guaranteed, including - branch and cash facilities, lending and overdrafts.

As all current and deposit accounts will be set up with Internet Banking access, you will need to nominate at least one person in your organisation to use it.

If you've only applied for a Fixed Term Deposit Internet Banking will not be provided. However, once your account is open, you can apply to view it online.

Important information for all new and existing customers

Triodos Bank is required by law to check the identity of customers and some beneficial owners. To help us verify identity and address we may make an electronic search, using the information supplied on this form. In some instances we may ask for further information or documents. We will not open an account, or can suspend the operation of an account, until these have been provided. Before continuing please ensure that each person named on your form is aware of how we will process the data.

The Organisation's proprietor, directors, trustees (through a resolution of the board of trustees), committee, or equivalent must have resolved that Triodos Bank NV is to be appointed as bankers to The Organisation and have nominated the individual completing this application to act on their behalf to complete the application.

Please make sure all personal details provided as part of your application are up to date and correct. The information you submit for anyone attached to your organisation may affect any personal information we already hold.

Only proceed with your application if you have read and understood all of the information on this page and now have all of the details you will need to complete your application in one session.

Before starting your application

Please ensure you have all of the relevant information to hand so that you can complete the form in one session. You can only save this application after it has been completed and submitted.

For security reasons, you have 15 minutes to complete each page of the application. If you take longer than this a warning message will appear for you to click to continue completing the page you are on. If you do not click on this message as it appears your application will close and will not be saved.

If you close your browser before submitting your application it will not be saved.

Only after you have successfully submitted your application is there a print and save option.

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