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Inspiring Change

Know where your money goes

In the ‘Know Where Your Money Goes’ section of our website, you’ll find information on every organisation we lend to, throughout the UK.

It’s easy to search by sector, or geographically. And for each of the projects featured, you’ll be able to find out what they are doing to bring about positive change.

About Emmaus Sheffield

Emmaus Sheffield gives solace and a sense of purpose to people who were formerly homeless, offering them a safe and welcoming place in which to live and work.

Through social enterprise the community aims to be financially self-sufficient, raising funds by refurbishing and repairing donated furniture and electrical goods which are then sold in their shop. The project is based on the principles of acceptance, sharing, working for others in greater need, and self-respect. emmaus-sheffield.org.uk

Ethical ISAs

Tax-efficient savings and investments from our range of ISAs.

Ethical Savings

A range of savings accounts using your money to make a positive impact.


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