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Welcome to Inspiring Change

Know where your money goes

At Triodos Bank we believe in transparency, which is why we show you every organisation we lend money to throughout the UK.

In the know where your money goes section of our website you’ll find information on all of these change makers.

It’s easy to search by sector, or geographically. And for each of the organisations featured, you’ll be able to find out what they are doing to bring about positive change.

For some truly inspiring stories about what sustainable banking means in practice, click on the link below.


See for yourself

Below are three short films of some of those organisations making a positive difference throughout the UK. Watch their inspiring stories now.

Jamie's Farm

The Curzon

Battlesteads Hotel


hectares or 152km2 of organic farmland, that’s the equivalent of covering half of the Isle of Wight or around a quarter of the New Forest or over 100 times the size of London’s Hyde Park.


combined visitors to 17 Cultural institutions supported by Triodos Bank in 2014. That’s the equivalent of Britain’s third biggest city Leeds taking all its residents out for a cultural experience, or about 5.5 times the size of Glastonbury festival.


homes powered* by the 75 renewables projects which Triodos Bank lends to across the UK.

Ethical Savings

A range of savings accounts using your money to make a positive impact.

Ethical ISAs

Tax-efficient savings and investments from our range of ISAs.

Ethical Investments

Ethical investments that make sustainability pay.

All stats are correct as of 31.12.2014

*Equivalent based on efficiency indicators published by The Word Energy Council (WEC). The electricity use per household in 2011 was 3338 kWh (worldwide, updated march 2013). https://www.wec-indicators.enerdata.eu/household-electricity-use.html