Find out about protection for savings with the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme .

*Rates applicable from 17 August 2016. Interest rate quoted is Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. Tax-free is the contractual rate of interest payable where the interest is exempt from Income Tax. The benefit to you of the favourable tax treatment for ISAs could change in the future and depends on your individual circumstances.

Tax-free savings work harder

With a tax-free ISA, your savings work harder. And at Triodos Bank, that's true in more ways than one. Save with a Triodos Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA and you can make the most of your tax-free allowance* at a rate of interest guaranteed for two years and know how your money is being used. That's because we're totally transparent - you can see the positive difference your savings are making.

Save up to £15,240 this tax year, completely tax free, and know your money is helping to make a difference to our world.

Know how we use your savings

At Triodos Bank, we believe being ethical means being open. We publish a list of every organisation we lend to, so you know exactly where your money goes. No other bank offers you such a clear link between your savings and the positive difference they make.

We also offer a Three Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA  if you are looking to get a better return by locking your savings away for a longer period.

Triodos Bank Terms and Conditions and Tariff of charges apply. See interest rates for all our accounts.