Find out about protection for savings with the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme .

Rates applicable from 3 September 2018. Interest rate quoted is Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. The gross rate is the rate payable without any tax taken off. Interest rates may change.

The Dana Saver is part of the Triodos Charity Saver range of accounts and is run in partnership with Triratna Preceptors’ College Trust (formerly known as Friends of the Western Buddhist Order). 

The Triratna Preceptors’ College Trust is an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths and creating new traditions relevant to the 21st century.

Who can open a Triodos Charity Saver Account?

You can open a Triodos Charity Saver account in your name if you’re over 16, and have £100 or more to save. Or if you want, you can open an account jointly with your partner, a friend or family member over 16.


The interest rate is variable, calculated daily and paid twice a year. You can opt to donate some or all of your interest to your chosen charity. If you are a UK tax payer, you can Gift Aid your donation. Interest is paid without any tax taken off.

Find out about the Personal Savings Allowance .


You can make unlimited withdrawals without penalty but you need to give 33 days’ notice.

Manage online or by post

To make life easier and more convenient, you can choose to manage the Triodos Charity Saver Account online, or if you prefer, by post.

Open an account

You can apply for a Charity Saver account simply by clicking the button below, if you are unable to apply online please call us on 0330 355 0355

Setting up Internet Banking

Find more information about how to manage your account online.

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