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Have you had a sustainable holiday?

Helping sustainable tourism fulfil its potential

A growing number of people are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and want a holiday that reflects their values. Alongside this, more people are choosing to stay in the UK due to financial and environmental considerations, driving demand for British holiday destinations.

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Because we believe that sustainable tourism can enrich the lives of holiday makers, and have a positive impact on the destinations they visit, we’ve launched a new initiative to help the UK’s sustainable tourism industry to fulfil its potential. We‘ve set aside £5million for lending at discounted rates to tourism businesses that are actively improving their sustainability credentials.

While a socially and environmentally aware approach pays dividends in the long-term, there are often up-front costs involved in becoming more sustainable – from buying organic bed-linen to installing solar panels. The discount is designed to help balance some of these costs, providing an extra incentive for tourism businesses to increase their sustainability.

We’re working in partnership with the Green Tourism, the national sustainable tourism certification scheme, to ensure the enterprises we lend to in the sector really have sustainability at their core. Green Tourism consider a wide range of criteria when certifying tourism operators, from a business’ energy efficiency to how they interact with the local community and wider society.

So if you’re planning the perfect getaway and are looking for a greener place to stay, why not consider one of the Triodos Bank customers, listed below, who are members of the Green Tourism. Alternatively, take a look at the Green Tourism website where you can find a wide variety of sustainable accommodation all over the UK. 

 Discounted borrowing for green tourism  

Exclusively for Green Tourism members

† Subject to meeting our lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.


Know where your money goes


Know where your money goes

Know where your money goes


Know where your money goes


Know where your money goes


Know where your money goes

Know where your money goes

Financing Green Tourism

Triodos Bank are supporting Green Tourism accredited members to achieve higher levels of sustainability by offering discounted lending.

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