How much of my deposits are protected by the deposit guarantee scheme?

The deposit guarantee scheme guarantees up to € 100,000 per person. The scheme applies per person per licensed bank, regardless of the number of accounts that they hold providing the funds are held in an eligible account.

For eligible joint accounts held in the names of two persons, both account holders can claim compensation. A balance of € 200,000 held in a joint account is therefore covered. You are not covered for funds in both a sole account and a joint account if this exceeds €100,000 per person as a total held with Triodos Bank, unless you qualify for a temporary higher guarantee.

If you have sold your house and have a high balance in your account, there is a temporary increase allowed to the limit you are covered for, the maximum sum guaranteed is €500,000. This is an additional guarantee that applies for a period of three months after the money is deposited.

For a full outline of the scheme please see the Depositor Information Sheet below.

The deposit guarantee scheme will pay out any compensation in Euros. This will need to be converted to sterling by you. The amount you receive in sterling will depend on the currency exchange rate on the date you make the transaction

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