How do I make a payment above £20,000?

You can request a temporary increase to your account daily payment limit in either Internet Banking or the Triodos Mobile App. You can increase your limit up to £2 million for Savings Accounts, or £3 million for the Personal Current Account. You can set your higher daily payment limit for up to seven days.

Personal Current Account Payments

When paying another account with another bank, for payments over £20,000 you will need to request a temporary payment limit increase.  Once you’ve made the request for the temporary limit increase it can take a minimum of four hours for it to take effect. CHAPS payments must be made before 2pm if they need to be received by the end of that working day. Foreign payments must be made before 1pm if they need to be sent that day, but please be aware they can take up to 10 working days to arrive. We therefore recommend you make the temporary daily limit change the day before to ensure you can make the CHAPS or foreign payment on time. You can set the maximum temporary limit increase of £3 million for up to seven days.

For payments over £250,000 : If you do not have a digipass, once you have authorised the payment in Mobile App or Internet Banking you will have to call our contact team to go through extra security checks.

As with all payments, please check the bank details you are paying to are genuine and correct before making the payment.

Savings Account Payments

If you want to make a payment for more than £20,000 you will need to request a temporary limit increase and wait a minimum of four hours before you can make the payment. You can set the temporary limit increase for up to seven days and the maximum you can pay is up to £2 million per day. Payments over £100,000 in one day will have to be made as a CHAPS payment with a fee of £20.

If you are paying more than £20,000 in one go from your Savings Account to your Personal Current Account, to then make a CHAPS payment of over £20,000 to another bank account, you will need to increase the payment limit on both of your accounts.

How to make the temporary payment limit increase

You will be able to make the temporary limit increase in the Triodos Mobile Banking App or via Internet Banking.

In the Mobile App go to ‘More’ then ‘Account Settings’ and select the account you wish to apply the temporary change to. From there, choose ‘Daily limit per transaction’ and fill in the temporary change with the amount and for how long you’d like this temporary change to be available.

In Internet Banking go to ‘Self Service’, ‘Account Settings’, ‘Daily Limit’, here you can request the temporary payment limit change.

Once you’ve submitted the request you’ll need to wait four hours before it goes live, we’ll send you an email confirmation once it has.

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