1. Friends of the Earth

As well as providing insight and updates on their campaigns, the Friends of the Earth podcast features thought-provoking polemical and detailed interviews on subjects such as rewilding (with George Monbiot) and immigration in urban areas (with Professor Caroline Knowles).

2. Costing the Earth

While not strictly a podcast, this downloadable BBC programme provides illuminating snippets on how the world’s population is having an effect on the environment. The programme touches on UK policy points and topical issues, while also taking time to explore progressive tech innovations and champions of environmental sustainability.

3. The Better Business Show

Tom Idle’s weekly podcasts are a rare find in that they look at issues surrounding sustainability, but through the lens of business. He talks to the organisations and individuals daring to do something different by working for positive environmental and social change. Episodes include a profile of green fuels business LanzaTech and an interview with founders of alternative supermarket HiSbe.

4. Sustainababble

This long-running podcast takes a light-hearted look at the environmental challenges we all face and acknowledges that nobody is perfect. In addition to the occasional interview, hosts Ol and Dave do what they can to discern the truth within all the environmental noise out there.

5. The Adaptors

In a world full of urgent climate challenges, Flora Lichtman and Katherine Wells have taken it upon themselves to seek out the adaptors and innovators who are doing what they can to bring new technologies to the market and invent a new, sustainable future. Unfortunately, the American podcast recently finished a series, but their archive is full of some fascinating content, from using spores to create renewable energy to the possibilities of geoengineering and weather control.

6. Amnesty International UK

There’s a huge range of content on Amnesty’s brilliantly produced podcasts, including ‘In their own words’ – a series of extraordinary real stories from those at the front line of human rights abuses. It’s also a good resource for concise updates which concentrate on current, headline-grabbing news. Among all of this it even features cameos from Cassette Boy and numerous forays into comedy.

7. The Energy Gang

This weekly American podcast deals with all things energy: from Government energy policy to what we can do in communities when coal power plants – a major employer – shut down. While the content has an American focus, there is nevertheless interesting information on tech innovations and individual projects tackling the global issue.

8. The Sustainably Agenda

Journalist Fergal Byrne takes the lead in this weekly podcast exploring the future of sustainability. Each week, Fergal interviews a leading sustainability thinker and seeks their insights into the biggest challenges we face and what we can do to address them. Guests range from the likes of economic commentators (such as Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf) to author and theorist Douglas Rushkoff. There’s also an interesting 50 minutes with Tessa Tennant on the future of green finance.

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