This poem, written for Triodos Bank UK by customer Martin Kiszko, known as “the UK’s Green poet”,  celebrates the positive impact individuals can have by choosing to make their money a force for positive change.   

The shape of money - a ballad of sustainable banking

Money has a metamorphosis,
From on line to loose change in our hands,

We have the power to shape it
Into something we ethically plan.

Historically money created
Economic and social exclusion.
But we can remodel our moolah
Into a positive societal infusion!

Where we squirrel away our shekels
Is a vote for the values we hold.
So choose finance with social purpose
As the nest for your silver or gold.

We can eco-direct our spondulicks
To play a significant part
In farms and community projects
Renewables, homes and the arts.

Supporting sustainable enterprise
Guarantees people have worth
And live within planetary limits
That respect and protect planet Earth.

Our wonga can make such a difference
When we green it as we invest
And we’ll encourage the financial sector
To choose a future that’s best.

Banks have enormous potential
To be a great force for good
Where the power of dosh as democracy
Should be their mantra and lifeblood.

So in the world of banking
All these facets could be well arranged
Into investments that will always remind us
We’re changing finance to finance change!

About Martin Kiszko

Martin is a Polish-British poet, musician and composer for film, television, radio and stage.  He has recently written the world’s first epic eco-poem, ‘King Frank & the Knights of the Ecoquest.’ The book will be published in April and a fifteen-part radio drama based on the book will be broadcast in April and May on Fun Kids radio station.