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Our expertise

Triodos Bank is dedicated to financing positive change and changing the financial system for the better. A leading expert in sustainable banking for over 30 years, we've demonstrated that finance can work for the good of people and the planet, delivering social and environmental benefits, as well as a decent profit.   

We have built a track record financing organisations that work in the nature and the environment, social business and culture and welfare sectors; because we believe that their success will lead to a sustainable economy that's better for people, the environment we share, and culture.

Organic Food and Agriculture

Organic Food and Agriculture

Organic agriculture recognises the relationship between our environment, our health and the food we eat. Organic farming avoids the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and maintains the highest standards of animal welfare.

Energy and climate

Our expertise in Energy and Climate

For a transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable economy, it's essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to invest particularly in renewable energy systems, while switching to low carbon fuels.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

Under this heading, we include all forms of creative expression that inspire, enlighten or enhance the development of individuals and the community as a whole.


Our expertise in Microfinance

Microfinance offers low-income households access to basic financial services. Because, like everyone else, people living in poverty need an inclusive range of financial services to run their businesses, build assets, and manage risks. Triodos Bank invests in microfinance to help develop a sustainable financial sector in developing countries.

Sustainable Banking

Our expertise in Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking takes a conscious approach to using money, which considers its environmental, cultural and social impact. Triodos Bank connects savers and investors who want to make a difference, with the businesses and charities which are meeting present day needs without compromising those of future generations.

Socially Responsible Investment

Theme Socially Responsible Investment

Socially Responsible Investment means investing in stock market listed companies following strict criteria on environmental, social and governance issues, as well as investing directly in sustainable businesses.