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Theme Socially Responsible Investment

06 Socially Responsible Investment

Socially Responsible Investment means investing in stock market listed companies following strict criteria on environmental, social and governance issues, as well as investing directly in sustainable businesses.

Our expertise facts and figures
X 4 Funds

Triodos Investment Management manages four funds investing in the stock market or in bonds

X 24% Companies selected

The selection rate of newly assessed companies in 2013 is 24%. This results into an investment universe of ± 300 companies

X 114 Pioneer companies

From our list of eligible businesses, 114 qualify as "pioneer companies" for their products, services or business processes (ultimo 2013)

X Stimulate change

In 2013, In 2013, we engaged 554 times with 250 companies.

X 138 Feedback letters

We sent 138 feedback letters to companies in 2013, suggesting ways of improving their performance

X International experts

We have regular contact with leading international experts representing various interest and stakeholder groups on our sustainable criteria

X Strict investment criteria

Triodos Bank's research team monitors developments, trends and behaviour to ensure that the criteria are aligned with the latest developments in our society and the real pioneers are selected

Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund

Global fund investing in sustainable equities

Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund

Investment fund focusing on innovative sustainable companies

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Our products supporting Socially Responsible Investment

Triodos Bank in action

We engage companies in constructive dialogue to stimulate improved sustainability performance. Our aims are to raise awareness, to influence company management and to trigger action with regard to sustainable business practices.