How do I authorise my debit card online shopping payment?

There are two ways to confirm it’s you – the quickest and easiest way is using the Triodos Mobile Banking App. If you don’t have the Mobile App, you can authorise the payment in Internet Banking.

Once you have entered your card details to buy a product or service online, you will be asked to authorise the payment.

To authorise a payment:
• Log into the Triodos Mobile App or Internet Banking as usual.
• Details of the payment will be shown and you will be asked to verify the payment.
• A fraud warning will be displayed, to allow you to double check the payment is genuine.
• If you’re using Internet Banking, you will also need your digipass to authorise the payment.
• You will be informed of the outcome – e.g. Payment Successful.

If you would prefer to cancel the online payment, this must be done instead of authenticating it. If you think it’s a fraudulent payment you should cancel it and contact us immediately on 0330 355 0355 (or if abroad on +44 (0)1179 739339).

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