How long does it take to make and receive payments?

This will depend on the type of payment.

For payments out of your account:

  • Faster Payments will normally be received by the beneficiary within two hours of the payment being authorised but may take up to one business day.
  • CHAPS payments authorised before 2.00pm on a business day will be received in the beneficiary account by the end of the day.
  • The deadline for sending money outside the UK is 1.00pm, timings for these payments being received vary depending on where the funds are going to.  Please allow up to 10 business days for them to arrive if they are being sent outside of Europe.

 For payments into your account:

  • Internal transfers will usually be received as soon as you submit the payment in internet banking.
  • Faster Payments and Standing Orders usually arrive within one hour of being sent but can take up to one business day.
  • CHAPS payments usually arrive within an hour of them being sent but can take until the end of the business day.
  • Cheques sent in by post are available for withdrawal on the third business day after they were added to your account. For example, if you send a cheque to us by post, and it is paid into your account on a Wednesday (Transaction date or T), the funds will be available for withdrawal on Monday (T + 3), although they are not cleared funds until the end of the following Thursday (T + 6).

 Charges will apply for CHAPS and international payments.  Please see our Personal Banking tariff for current and savings accounts for details.

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