Why does Triodos use NatWest Group as its clearing bank in the UK?

Historically, smaller challenger banks such as Triodos had no option but to utilise one of the “big four” banks (NatWest Group, Lloyds, HSBC and Barclays) for payment clearing services.

So it is not unusual to see banks of Triodos’ size (or indeed some far bigger organisations) still utilising the “big four” clearing banks.

However, there is currently a real drive by the government, via the Payments Systems Regulator, to promote competition in the banking sector and to encourage innovation in payment systems.

This has resulted in a wider choice of clearing options (including alternative providers and/or direct clearing) now available to challenger banks.

While changing our clearing arrangements would be a very large undertaking we continue to review the options, remaining conscious of maintaining a high quality of service for all our customers.

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