The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a network of the world's leading values-based banks, emphasises the importance of the Paris Agreement, and the need to work together to minimize our impact on climate change.

There is a lot of discussion about climate change and how our activities affect it. We must remind ourselves, at this time, of the importance of the "Triple-Bottom-Line" approach which is at the heart of the business models of all GABV member banks. This approach focuses simultaneously on people, planet and prosperity. Products and services are designed and developed to meet the needs of people and safeguard the environment. Generating reasonable profit is recognized as an essential requirement of sustainable banking but is not a stand-alone objective.

The GABV is proud to play its role in the protection of the planet through the work of its members and partners. Each member continues to embrace a sustainable way of doing business and actively uses finance to do good in the world - for people, planet and prosperity.

"Our work is not done, we will continue to educate and influence other financial institutions to adopt the "Triple-Bottom-Line" approach, to help clients and consumers make good choices. We need to do more and reach more people. Every day, we show examples of how business can be done in a different way. In a way that has no impact on the environment and actually supports development of communities worldwide," stated Marcos Eguiguren, GABV executive director.

The Global Alliance, together with its members and partners, will continue to work to make the world of finance more sustainable, to minimize the effect we have on the environment, and to become a role model and inspiration for change in the financial world.


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About the GABV
The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is a not-for-profit organisation and independent network of banks and banking cooperatives with a shared mission to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Founded in 2009, the GABV comprises 40 financial institutions and seven strategic partners operating in countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe. Collectively we serve more than 24 million customers, hold up to $110 billion USD of combined assets under management, and we are supported by more than 42,000 co-workers. Learn more about the GABV and how we're working to build a growing, global, values-based banking movement.

About Triodos Bank 
Triodos Bank is a global pioneer in sustainable banking using the power of finance to invest in projects that are good for people and the planet. Triodos uses its €13.5 billion (2016) in assets to create social, environmental and cultural value in a transparent and sustainable way.

With UK operations based in Bristol, Triodos Bank has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany and an agency in France. Globally, Triodos Bank has microfinance projects in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and is a founding member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a worldwide network of 36 banks seeking to transform finance into a vehicle of positive influence.