The number of investment funds designed to achieve positive impact in the UK has grown substantially in the last year, according to figures released by 3D investing.  A comprehensive review has determined that there are now 201 funds with a sustainability or ethical mandate for sale in the UK, combining for a total of £87 billion in assets under management. These results reflect the rapid growth in interest for positive investment options in the UK.

Published twice a year, the Good Investment Review aims to resource retail investors and Independent Financial Advisors with robust information on ethical investments. 3D Investments employs a ratings system that identifies funds that excel on a threefold scale: doing good, avoiding harm, and delivering on financial expectations. The review was written and produced by Good With Money and developed in partnership with a number of industry leaders including Triodos Bank, Columbia Threadneedle, Foresight, Impax, Pictet, Sarasin and WHEB.

Huw Davies, head of retail banking at Triodos Bank said: "Many investors now believe that good long-term returns can go hand-in-hand with sustainable and ethical investments. Recent growth in the SRI market is positive and Triodos wants to see that growth accelerate to have greater impact in addressing social and environmental issues. The Good Investment Review is a landmark publication that will not only report on SRI performance, but challenge the inaccurate assumption that investors have to sacrifice return for positive impact."

John Fleetwood, founder of 3D investing said: "It's not 'traditional' ethical investment. It's about investing in solutions to real world challenges, while avoiding the companies that contribute to the problems in the first place. Our star ratings have acted as a tool to drive improvement in impact reporting, with funds having been awarded a better rating following satisfied requests for more transparency in reporting."

Triodos Bank offers two Socially Responsible Investment funds (SRIs) in the UK, both of which have achieved a 3D rating of 4 stars:

Important information:
With SRI funds, capital is at risk and the value of an investment can fall as well as rise, income is variable and not guaranteed, and individuals may get back less than invested.

Investing in the funds on offer from the UK branch of Triodos Bank NV is available only to UK residents aged 18 years of age or over. This press release aims to provide individuals with information to help them make an informed investment decision and is not personal financial advice. If individuals are unsure of how suitable an investment is for them, they are recommended to seek independent financial advice. Regulations, including tax rules are subject to change and the value of any benefits depend on an individual's financial circumstance.

Both the Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund and the Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund are denominated in GBP however the Investment Manager invests based on Euro amounts, and any dividends paid are converted back from Euros to sterling. As such an individual's total return is subject to the euro-sterling exchange rate at the point of transaction. Individuals are also exposed to exchange rate fluctuations in the regions in which the funds invest.


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