To meet the costs of planned developments which provide further social housing over the next two years, Triodos have provided financial support.

Cornwall Rural provides affordable social housing in rural communities and manages over 300 homes. Many of their developments also include energy saving technologies, like solar PV and thermal panels. Since 2008, we have arranged 3 lending facilities, enabling Cornwall Rural to develop 120 new homes.

We’d seen Triodos Bank’s name involved with some of the more socially responsible projects, and we thought what we’re doing chimed in well with their aims.
Peter Moore, managing director

"In particular, the more small-scale developments, helping communities solve their own problems and providing long term sustainable solutions."

"You can develop a long term relationship with Triodos. They know us, we know them. It’s that chance to develop a long term relationship which I think provides value to both organisations."

"We’ve actually met the people that we deal with. They’ve come down and seen what we do. It helps when we need to sort things out, as we know who we’re talking to and they know us."

Triodos also recognise there is a value in smaller community focussed organisations. I find that some of the larger institutions regard that type of work as inherently risky, but I think we can not only run in a business like way, but we can be responsive to the needs of the local communities. I believe that’s where Triodos is as well."

Peter Moore, managing director