We are proud to have been voted 'Best Ethical Financial Providerfor the past two years and in 2023 we were delighted to also be a finalist in six other categories.

Here's three reasons why we hope our customers will vote for Triodos Bank and help us win a British Bank Award in 2024.

Triodos Bank won 'Best Ethical Financial Provider' in 2023.

1. We’re totally transparent

At Triodos Bank, we stand for transparency. We publish the details of every organisation we finance, so you know exactly where your money goes – seeing the clear link between your money and the positive difference it’s making to our world. And it doesn’t stop there. Banking with Triodos means joining a community of change-makers, pioneering sustainable banking, and encouraging other organisations to be more transparent.

2. We’re making a difference

Our mission is to lend money to organisations working to bring about positive and lasting change. This extends to everything we do – including following clearly defined criteria for our lending decisions, making us accountable to our savers and investors. Our customers allow us to finance a broad range of sectors – from renewable energy, organic farming and social housing to retail, charities and education.

3. We are changing finance

We believe in a new kind of finance. We’re working on changing the financial system, proving that values-based banking and impact investing can be commercially resilient. We finance progressive organisations and influence the banking sector to become more transparent, diverse and sustainable. More broadly, we engage with politicians and policymakers and participate in consultations on new regulations for the financial sector.