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Consider yourself a 'changemaker'? If you bank with us, you are

As you probably know, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent about where we lend and invest our customers' money. Indeed, we're unique as a bank in that we publish details on every single loan and investment we make, alongside details about the positive impact this has.

We thought we'd go one step further by inviting customers to visit some of the inspiring organisations we lend to and invest in. What better way for our customers to see the difference their money is making than seeing it first-hand for themselves?

And so we can share that experience more widely, we decided to film some of these encounters to give the same insights to as many people as possible. For the first of these films, which you can watch here, youth worker Ella Montgomery-Smith and author John-Paul Flintoff met up with the people behind an innovative social housing organisation called Latch (Leeds Action To Create Homes), based in Ella's hometown of Leeds.

As you'll see in the film, Latch's business model is successfully tackling a number of overlapping social issues. Latch takes on derelict empty properties and renovates them with homeless volunteers, who are then given housing in the homes they've helped to create. Through the process, many of the volunteers gain useful training opportunities and, once housed, the volunteers receive additional support to help them lead the positive lives they want.

In the film, John-Paul, whose books include How to Change the World, observes: "You don't have to sit in Government or be on some powerful committee to be a change maker. We can all make change happen."

His point is that customers like Ella are directly contributing to the success of organisations like Latch. Triodos Bank exists to allow people to make a conscious decision to use their money as a force for good.

In the case of Latch, the money entrusted to us by our customers, such as Ella, has enabled us to lend the organisation £1.2m. This has been used to renovate 16 homes for homeless people that had previously been empty.

When James Hartley, chief executive of Latch, met Ella and John-Paul at one of their developments he went through plans for the future. "We've got a plan over the next two years to bring a further 16 empty properties back into use," he said. "The key thing we need to do that is money."

There is perhaps no better way to explain how becoming a Triodos Bank customer transforms money into a powerful force for good.

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