Does Triodos offer Confirmation of Payee?

Confirmation of Payee, a bank account name-checking service, was introduced by the industry in June 2020 to combat fraud and misdirected payments.

Triodos Bank is not part of the initial phase of this programme, which has focused on the six largest banks, and our payment systems are not yet fully integrated into the scheme.

When someone who has an account with one of the participating banks attempts to make a payment into your Triodos account for the first time, they will see a message highlighting that the payee is unavailable. This is because Triodos Bank doesn’t yet offer this service. However, please be assured that their payments will still go ahead by them clicking ‘continue’.

You will see no change when making outgoing payments from your Triodos account. Please ensure when you are making payments from any account that you follow guidance relating to how you have confirmed the payee details. If you are paying someone for the first time, or they have changed their bank details, you will be prompted to check their details.

We will never contact you by phone, email or text message, and tell you to transfer money into another account, or ask you for your digipass codes, or card details and one-time passcodes. Do not respond to any requests, and contact us on our published number if you are concerned that you may have divulged details.  Texts and phones calls can be made by fraudsters that appear to come from the Triodos telephone number so do not respond to these requests.

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