What are Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration, and Certificate of Confirmation documents?

A Grant of Probate is a legal document that authorises the executor to manage the estate in accordance with the Will. You can find more information at gov.uk/applying-for-probate. In Scotland, the Grant of Probate is referred to as the Certificate of Confirmation. You can find out more about what to do after a death in Scotland on the Scottish government website.

Letters of Administration may apply if the person who died did not leave a Will. These allow a family member or friend to act as the administrator of the estate. 

Please note, if a Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration, or Certificate of Confirmation document is being applied for, we will need to see it. We will also need to see one of these documents if the value of the late customer's assets with Triodos Bank are worth £25,000 or more.

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