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What you can do if you are an existing savings customer at Triodos Bank

Pay in to your Triodos savings account

You can pay into your existing Triodos savings account by making a transfer from another account (either an account with another provider or another Triodos account that allows withdrawals), or by cheque if the Triodos savings account you want to pay into accepts cheques - contact us if you are not sure on 0330 355 0355 or +44 (0)117 973 9339 if calling from abroad.

The Triodos sort code is 16-58-10 and you can find your Triodos savings account number on your statements. If you want to deposit a cheque, please post it along with a paying-in slip to;



Change the type of savings account held with Triodos Bank

You can change an existing Triodos savings account to a different type of Triodos savings account.

You should read the information on our savings product pages to decide which savings account suits you best. Once you have found a savings account that meets your needs, click on the 'Change your existing Triodos savings account' button at the bottom of the relevant product page. You should read the relevant Summary Box along with the Terms and Conditions for our personal savings accounts and Depositor Information Sheet before downloading and completing a form to change your savings account.

Once you have read this important information and completed the form, please post it to us at;


On receipt of a completed request, we will change the type of savings account you hold, the balance of your account and your account number will remain the same. We will write to you to confirm when we have actioned your request.

You can change your existing Triodos savings account to one of the following types of Triodos savings accounts:

  • Triodos Online Saver
  • Triodos Online Saver Plus
  • Triodos Regular Saver
  • Triodos Charity Saver*
  • Triodos Saver

*If you choose to change your account to a Triodos Charity Saver, you must also complete an 'Additional details for Charity Saver account type change form' which is available on our website on the same page as the main form. We will not be able to complete your account change until we have received both forms.

Changes to a different type of savings account are not permitted from Triodos Ethical Savings Bonds, Triodos Right Start Saver, Triodos Fixed Regular Saver, Triodos ISAs, Community Investor, High Interest Cheque Account, Personal Savings Account, Social Investor Cheque Accounts and SIPP Deposit Accounts.

If you want to move only part of your balance to another type of savings account, this can be done through making a transfer in Internet Banking or for non-online only accounts you can send us a signed written request to make a transfer which should be posted to us at;


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