Can I transfer a cash ISA into a stocks and shares ISA and vice versa?

Yes, it is possible to transfer between ISAs of different types. You can either transfer an existing Triodos ISA into an ISA of a different type (for example, a Triodos Cash ISA into a Triodos Stocks and Shares ISA) or transfer an ISA from another provider into a Triodos ISA of a different type.

Be aware, if transferring from a Stocks and Shares ISA, your investments will be sold. The transfer process usually takes between 14-30 days. We’ll write to you when the transfer is complete.

If you don't already have the Triodos ISA you wish to transfer into, you will need to open one first. You can do this via the Triodos Mobile Banking App.

To request the transfer, you’ll need to download and complete the relevant form below. The forms are interactive so you can fill out your details online, but you’ll need to print the form and sign it using a pen.

Then simply return it to ‘Freepost TRIODOS BANK’ and we’ll transfer the funds directly between your ISAs and protect your tax-free ISA status. Do not move funds out of an ISA yourself, because your money will lose this ISA status.

Stocks and Shares ISA transfer forms
Transfer from another provider to a Triodos Stocks & Shares ISA
Transfer from another Triodos ISA to a Triodos Stocks & Shares ISA

Cash ISA transfer forms
Transfer an ISA from another provider to a Triodos cash ISA
Cash ISA account type change request form

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