What are the charges for investing?

We apply a 0.4% annual service charge which is charged on a monthly basis. The annual service charge is expressed as an annual percentage and is calculated monthly based on the value of your holdings on the last business day of the month. On the first business day of the new month shares will be sold to cover the charge. By Business Day we mean any day on which banks are open for business in Luxembourg and the UK i.e. any day other than Saturdays, Sundays or other public holidays.

Please be aware that the sale of shares to cover the annual service charge is classified as a disposal for Capital Gains Tax purposes and may need to be declared to HMRC.
The annual service charge will be itemised on your quarterly statement, which provides a breakdown of all charges applied over the previous quarter along with any additional trades during the period.

The Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF, also known as the Total Expense Ratio or TER) is the ongoing costs of running the funds. The OCF includes the fund managers Annual Management Charge and other expenses of running the fund, such as the board of directors and audit fees. The Annual Management Charge is the charge taken by Triodos Investment Management to select investments based on their sustainable and financial performance.

The OCF is expressed as an annual percentage and is calculated and deducted from the fund daily. The charge is reflected in the value of the fund, you will not see this on your statement and do not need to pay for it separately.

Please visit the fund pages on our website for details of the current OCF being applied:

Triodos Global Equity Impact Fund

Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund

Triodos Sterling Bond Impact Fund

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