Can I withdraw money from my notice savings account before the end of the notice period?

Normally instructions given in internet banking to make a payment from your Triodos Cash ISA, Triodos Saver or Charity Saver account will only be carried out after the expiry of the notice period on your account. Any attempt to schedule a payment before then will be rejected.

If for any reason you need to withdraw your money earlier than the notice period, you will need to write to us by post or secure message in internet banking.

We will charge you the interest due on the amount withdrawn for the part of your notice period for which you have not given notice. So if you withdraw £500 on 15 Calendar Days’ notice from an Account set up on 33 Calendar Days’ notice, then a charge equivalent to the interest you would have earned on that £500 for 18 Calendar Days (i.e. 33 - 15) will be deducted from your Account.

For Fixed Rate ISAs withdrawals are not allowed until maturity. The only exception to this is if you close the account and/or transfer the full balance to another ISA.  Early closure will result in an early access charge being applied equivalent to a number of days of interest.

2 year term – 180 days’ interest

3 year term – 270 days’ interest

The charge will be taken from the account balance, so you may get back less than originally deposited. In exceptional circumstances the early access charge can be waived at our discretion.

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