How can I make a temporary payment limit increase?

You will be able to make a temporary limit increase in the Triodos Mobile Banking App or via Internet Banking if you have a username / password or digipass.

If you are using the App with Mobile Secure Key:
In the Mobile App go to ‘More’ then ‘Account Settings’ and select the account you wish to apply the temporary change to. From there, choose ‘Daily limit per transaction’ and fill in the temporary change with the amount and for how long you’d like this temporary change to be available.

If you are using Digipass or Username/Passcode:
In Internet Banking go to ‘Old Internet Banking’, select ‘Account Profile’ then ‘Account Settings’, here you can request the temporary payment limit change.

You will need to authorise the change either by digipass, password or mobile passcode.

Once you’ve submitted the request you’ll need to wait four hours before it goes live, we’ll send you an email confirmation once it has.

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