I am managing the estate of a customer who has died. How do I close their accounts?

  • To let us know about the death of a customer, please call us on 0330 355 0355. If you are managing the estate, we will ask you to complete a Bereavement Notification Form(PDF) by email or by post.
  • After you have notified us that they have died, we will provide you with a Closure form to complete. This can be used to close all personal accounts, although some Crowdfunding investments may not be eligible for closure and must be transferred. Please see our FAQ to find out more: What will happen to any Crowdfunding investments held by a customer who has died?
  • The sale of Depository Receipts may also be restricted; please refer to our Depository Receipts page for up-to-date information, or see our FAQ to find out more: What will happen to any Depository Receipts held by a customer who has died?
  • Before the accounts can be closed, we require formal verification of the death (normally a Death Certificate); proof of Legal Representation (such a Grant of Representation or a Will); and proof of identify and address from the personal representatives. Please read the Bereavement Notification form for more information. This explains the other documents we need and the next steps in the process.

We understand that everyone has different arrangements and will let you know exactly what we need from you. Please call us if you have any questions about what to provide.

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