What are the benefits of activating the Triodos Mobile Secure Key?

The Triodos Mobile Secure Key is more convenient than the physical digipass or a username/password combination. It provides a safer and securer way to access and manage your accounts due to its two-factor authentication method. Requiring something you ‘have’ (the Triodos Mobile Banking App with the Mobile Secure Key) and something you ‘know’ (the passcode) or something you ‘are’ (fingerprint, face recognition depending on what your mobile device supports).

If you have a physical digipass, the Mobile Secure Key would replace it. This means you can send your Triodos Digipass back to us for recycling, using our freepost address – simply write ‘Freepost TRIODOS BANK’ on the envelope (you do not need to attach a stamp). We have partnered with a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Scheme and will safely recycle all digipasses.

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