Why has my online card payment been declined?

There can be many reasons why your card payment might be declined. For example:

  • Your card is set by default to only allow transactions in Europe. This means that an online card payment will be declined if you are trying to pay a company that is based outside of Europe, even if you are paying in GBP. You can change your card usage to worldwide in the Triodos Mobile Banking App by going to More > Cards > Card usage abroad, or in Internet Banking by going to Self service > Cards > Card usage abroad.
  • You may need to adjust your card daily limit. This can be done in the Triodos App under More > Cards > Card daily limits, or in Internet Banking under Self service > Cards > Card daily limits.
  • Your address may not match with both the retailer and your Triodos account. You can check your address in the Triodos App under More > Personal information, or in Internet Banking under Self service > Personal settings.
  • You may need to approve the payment. More information on this can be found here.

If these suggestions do not resolve the issue, please contact us.

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