Why is it not possible to get a business banking account with Triodos?

In December 2021 we closed our accounts to new business and charity customers as we were experiencing exceptionally high levels of demand across all of the accounts and services we offer.

We have taken the decision to focus our growth around specific products so as to not compromise the high standards of customer service we are able to provide.

New business and charity accounts are currently only available to existing business and charity customers and new borrowing customers.

Account applications will remain closed until such time as we can invest in making our business and charity account opening more efficient and develop our services.

We will very much continue to provide business and charity lending and capital raising that delivers positive impact.

We believe this focus on what we have always done best – providing specialist, sustainable finance for entrepreneurs and organisations working to tackle the biggest challenges of our time – is needed now more than ever as we strive to combat the climate crisis and support the UK’s transition to a net-zero economy.

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