Why is the Mobile Secure Key so secure?

While setting up your Mobile Secure Key you provide two things:

1. Photos of your ID

To verify your identity and match the details to those we have for you. A fraudster couldn't use their own ID, as their details will not match the information we already hold. The photos you take are from different angles so we can identify fake documents and ensure no one else is attempting to access your account.

2.  A live recording of your face

To compare this to your ID, and confirm that it is you activating your Mobile Secure Key. This prevents a fraudster from gaining access to your accounts using a fake copy of your ID. This is a digital version of an ‘in-person’ identity check that happens at a high street branch of a bank.

Then you simply choose a passcode which will be linked only to the devices you have set up your Mobile Secure Key on. This means that no one else can use your passcode to get into your accounts on their device.

Your ID photo and selfie recording will be held and protected by Triodos Bank and our digital identity verification partner, Fourthline. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information and our Privacy Policy for how we hold and protect your data.

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