Tell us about your role & a bit about your career background.

As a business development executive I work with a wide range of external partners including charities, ethical companies and environmental organisations to build relationships and raise awareness of Triodos. I'm also lucky in that I get to work with many internal co-workers from various departments.

I spent many years being a mum and so my career has developed around that. My background has always revolved around account management, customer service and some sales, as I particularly enjoy developing close relationships with people and looking after their needs as well as those of the business.

Why did you choose to come and work at Triodos?

When I was looking for a new role, instead of just deciding to search for available jobs, I thought about which companies interested me in terms of their mission and vision, and also the values they held. I had heard good things about Triodos and when researching the bank everything about what they do and who they are resonated with me.  

How does the work you do within your role/department contribute to the mission of Triodos and what we are trying to achieve?

I work closely with partner charities and ethical businesses helping to raise their profile with our customers and increasing awareness of what we do to their supporters and customers. The people and organisations I work with are all helping to create a society that protects and benefits both people and the planet. I am also a Triodos Ambassador, which means I am often out at external events talking about Triodos and raising awareness about the conscious use of money.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like within your role at Triodos Bank?

My day usually starts by having a catch up with my manager. In my role internally I could be working with a whole number of different departments from marketing, compliance, business banking, or our customer contact team. I have regular ongoing contact with our partner organisations so I get to learn all about the great work that they are doing. If it's a Monday then I'll be attempting a downward dog* at lunchtime!

*yoga position

What makes Triodos Bank different to other companies you have worked for?

Triodos is a company that very much lives and breathes its own mission and values in the way it does business and the way in which it cares for its co-workers.  

What does it feel like to work at Triodos?

I feel inspired on a daily basis by the people I work with and the people and organisations I come into contact with. I am also very proud to be a small part of something that has integrity and the desire to benefit people and the planet at its heart.

What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

We are lucky to work in such a beautiful workspace where care and thought has gone into everything and your wellbeing is important. Triodos is an incredibly welcoming place to work and has a strong core of passionate people. We all have different interests and backgrounds and I am often surprised to hear about what people get up to in their spare time - my co-workers are an adventurous, creative and fun group of people!

How has Triodos Bank had an impact on you?

I have looked at money in a new light - the love of money does not have to be the root of all evil! I have really engaged with money being a force for good and how individuals can make a difference, myself included. I think about how my money is being used, and the choices I can make. I have also reflected on my own personal values and how I want to live my life and embrace this more.

What do you do in your free time?

I like a mixture of exercise, nature and creative hobbies. I keep busy in the week with sport and evening classes - at the moment I'm doing a pottery class, have just completed a fantastic beginner's oil painting course at the RWA, and next will be print making. I try to get outside at the weekend and away from urban life as I love being in the countryside or by the sea - fresh air, big skies, good colours and a camera are a great combination! Weekends are also great for good food, company and conversation. I love being in Bristol as we're spoilt with a fantastic choice of music venues. Music has always been important to me and a good gig makes me feel alive.

We are all different as individuals, but what do you think is the common thread through all Triodos Co-workers.

I think there is a common thread of respect, authenticity, compassion and wanting to make a difference.

How would you describe Triodos Bank in one word?