It stands as a beacon of inclusion, working hand in hand with underserved Asian communities, children, young people, and those from marginalised backgrounds to create a new generation of musicians while also preserving centuries of tradition.

Triodos Bank is delighted to help support Darbar’s work to keep Indian classical music alive. New lending has helped Darbar buy a new office in West London which will allow it to grow, reach more people, and ensure its future sustainability. The location was chosen for its easy access to Indian communities and is ideal for hosting classes, with the aim of attracting more audiences and making world-class Indian classical music more accessible.

Connecting communities

At the heart of its initiative lies the Darbar Academy, a platform that provides students of Indian classical music access to classes with world-class performers. The academy is committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians, to keep the traditions alive.

Darbar also hosts an annual Indian classical music festival in London, which is a great way to showcase both emerging artists making their debut and renowned legends of the genre. Established in memory of Gurmit Singh Ji Virdee, an inspirational tabla player and teacher, Darbar has attracted audiences of up to eight thousand people since its establishment, drawing them in them with melodies and rhythms.

Building future sustainability

Darbar is committed to environmental responsibility and has implemented various initiatives to offset its carbon footprint. One significant effort involves purchasing one tree for every ticket sold or annual subscription to their Darbar Player app. Through this initiative, it has already planted over ten thousand trees, offsetting 119.7 tons of CO2 emissions.

The organisation also uses resources such as Julie’s Bicycle, an Arts Council England initiative, to calculate its carbon footprint accurately. Despite its size, Darbar remains dedicated to sustainable growth and responsiveness to its audience's needs, striving to be an environmentally conscious organisation.