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Business accounts

A range of ethical current and deposit accounts for businesses and charities.


Business and Charity current accounts

Whatever type of business or charity you run you need a simple, flexible and reliable current account to help manage the everyday finances and ensure its smooth operation.

At Triodos Bank we offer a straightforward approach to everyday banking backed up by great customer service and strong ethical values that run through everything we do.

Our business and charity current accounts provide the services you would expect from a current account with the additional benefit that as a Triodos Bank customer you're helping to contribute to positive change.

That's because we'll put your money to work in a range of ways that support ethical enterprises and initiatives and promote social, cultural and environmental change for the better. 

We also provide a current account transfer service so you can move your existing business or charity current account to us. Simply tick the box on the application form.

Account nameInterest payableAccess/Management
Social Venture Current AccountEthical everyday banking for businessesNo interest payable on this accountOnline, post and phone
Charity Current AccountFlexible day-to-day banking for charitiesInterest on balances over £5,000Online, post and phone

Business & Charity Deposit Accounts

While you remain focused on running your business or charity, we'll make sure your cash reserves are doing extraordinary things for people and planet.

Triodos Bank offers a range of business and charity deposit accounts to suit your needs -whether you require instant access to your funds or wish to earn more by depositing a lump sum for a longer fixed term. Either way, your funds will only ever be used to finance organisations delivering positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Know where your money goes

We believe our customers have every right to know where their money goes. We are the only commercial bank to publish details of every organisation we finance. It means our customers (and anyone else) can decide for themselves if we have a common outlook on life.

This helps transform money into a powerful form of democracy, enabling businesses and charities to have a say in the impact of their reserves.

Triodos Bank deposit accounts

You can find out more about our different deposit accounts below.

Banking, but in your world.

Account nameInterest rateAccess
Business and Charity Deposit AccountFlexibility and ethical peace of mind from your depositsUp to 0.55% Gross (0.55% AER*)Online, phone and post
Treasurers ReserveA notice account for larger, longer-term depositsUp to 0.65% Gross (0.65% AER*)Online, phone and post
Fixed Term DepositFixed term deposits with a fixed interest rateUp to 1.10% Gross (1.10% AER*)Post. View online