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Ethical Savings Accounts

Using your savings for a sustainable future.

We all want our savings to work harder for us personally, but what about the wider impact? By putting your money in an ethical savings account you not only get the benefit of a financial return but the knowledge that your savings are contributing to positive change.

At Triodos Bank we offer a range of straightforward sustainable savings accounts. Whether you need instant access to your money, are happy to lock it away for a fixed period to get a better return, wish to save money for your children's future or want to take advantage of your tax-free ISA allowance; we have a savings product to help.

What makes us different?

  • We're 100% ethical - only lending money to people and organisations making a positive impact - culturally, socially and environmentally
  • We only lend real money - money entrusted to us by our savers
  • We're totally transparent - completely open about how we use our customers' money

Find out about protection for savings with the deposit guarantee scheme .

Find out about the Personal Savings Allowance .

See below for an overview of the ethical savings accounts we offer:

Cash ISAs

Earn tax-free interest on your savings with one of our ethical cash ISAs. Please remember, the value of tax savings will depend on your circumstances and tax rules can change over time.

Account name Interest rateAccess
Online Cash ISATax free online savings1.15% tax free (1.15% AER*)Online only
Cash ISATax free savings0.65% tax free (0.65% AER*)Post and online
Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISASave tax free with two years' fixed interest1.15% tax free (1.15% AER*)Online
Three Year Fixed Rate Cash ISASave tax free with three years' fixed interest1.30% tax free (1.30% AER*)Online
Ethical Junior Cash ISATax free savings for children2.25% tax free (2.26% AER*)Post and online

Triodos Savers

A choice of an easy access and flexible sustainable savings accounts.

Account name Interest rateAccess
Online Saver PlusEasy access online savings1.00% gross (1.00% AER*)Online
Online SaverFlexible online savings0.40% gross (0.40% AER*)Online
SaverFlexible online or postal savingsUp to 0.20% gross (0.20% AER*)Post and online

Children's Savings

Savings accounts for children.

Account name Interest rateAccess
Ethical Junior Cash ISATax free savings for children2.25% tax free (2.26% AER*)Post and online
Right Start SaverEthical savings for under 18s1.05% gross (1.05% AER*)Post and online

Fixed Term Savings

Ethical savings bonds. Lock your savings away for a set period of time and enjoy a fixed rate of interest.

Account name Interest rateAccess
One Year Ethical Savings BondOne year's fixed interest for a lump sum deposit1.00% gross (1.00% AER*)Post and online
Two Year Ethical Savings BondTwo years' fixed interest for a lump sum deposit1.15% gross (1.15% AER*)Post and online
Three Year Ethical Savings Bond Three years' fixed interest for a lump sum deposit1.30% gross (1.30% AER*)Post and online

Regular Saving

For ethical savers who want to put a regular amount away each month.

Account name Interest rateAccess
Fixed Regular SaverRegular savings with a fixed interest rate
for the first year
1.75% gross (1.76% AER*)Post and online
Regular SaverSave a little each monthUp to 0.15% gross (0.15% AER*)Post and online

Save and Donate

Choose a charity to benefit from your savings with a Triodos Charity Saver.

Account name Interest rateAccess
Charity SaverChoose a charity to benefit from your savingsUp to 0.20% gross (0.20% AER*)Post and online

*Interest rate quoted is Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. The gross rate is the rate payable without any tax taken off. Tax free is the contractual rate of interest payable where the interest is exempt from income tax. The favourable tax treatment for ISAs could change. Interest rates may change. Tax savings depend on personal circumstances.

For more information on all of our ethical savings products visit the individual product pages or call us on 0800 328 2181.

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