How do I activate my current account debit card?

  1. Log into Internet Banking
  2. Click on the 'Cards' tab and you'll be provided with a six digit access code
  3. Send a text message to 57887 with the following message: 'TRIODOS PINACT', followed by your access code, followed by the last four digits of your card number - you need a space between sets of numbers. For example: TRIODOS PINACT 123456 1234
  4. You'll be sent your card PIN via text message within a couple of minutes - don't forget to delete that text message after memorising your PIN
  5. You're ready to use your card - remember to sign the back

Please note that some mobile providers do not process text messages to 5 digit numbers. If you text and do not receive a response from us please call us as your request will not have been confirmed and processed.

If you need any help activating your account, please call our friendly Bristol-based contact team - they'll have your everyday banking working for people and planet in no time. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on 0330 355 0355 (+44 117 973 9339 if you are not in the UK).

Need to set up your digipass too? Watch our how-to video.

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