How will I receive my dividend/income from my investment in the Triodos Impact Investment Funds?

You can choose to have any income generated by your investment in Triodos Impact Investment Funds automatically reinvested for capital growth or paid out to your Cash Account. Please note that income is variable and not guaranteed.

To have any income generated automatically reinvested you should purchase capitalisation shares, where any income generated by the underlying holdings is retained within the fund and reinvested, increasing the value of the shares.

To have any income generated paid out you should purchase distribution shares, where income generated by the underlying holdings is distributed as a dividend payment to your Cash Account. You can then choose to withdraw this to your nominated account or another Triodos account in your name if you wish.

Once a dividend has been paid, there will be an income statement available to download in the Mobile App or Internet Banking, to help with completing your tax return. You will find this under the ‘Transactions’ for your Stocks and Shares ISA or Impact Investment Account.

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