What happens if there is an insufficient balance in my Cash Account on the day my regular monthly investment is due?

On the day your monthly investment is due we will check to see if there is a sufficient balance in your Cash Account at 1am. If the money is available then your monthly investment will be dealt that day if it is a Business Day or the next Business Day if your monthly investment date falls on a weekend or other non-Business Day. The usual trade cycle is then followed and the deal is priced at the next available valuation point - the Triodos Impact Investment Funds value every Business Day in the morning before European markets open.

If there is an insufficient balance, we will be unable to carry out your monthly investment instruction. We will notify you by email if this happens.  We will try to take the payment again the following month unless you cancel your instruction which you can do in Internet Banking or the Mobile App. For more information see How can I cancel a pending investment instruction (purchase or redemption)?

If you do not have enough money in your Cash Account to cover an upcoming monthly investment, we will try to contact you beforehand by email to let you know, so that you can pay into your Cash Account if you would like to.

You may wish to set up a standing order to make regular payments into your Cash Account, to ensure money is available for your quarterly Annual Service Charge and/or for any regular monthly investments you set up. For more information see How do I add money to my Cash Account?

If you set up a standing order into your account, please ensure the money will be received and cleared in your Cash Account before your monthly investment date, bearing in mind that standing orders will not be processed on a weekend or a bank holiday.

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